Natural Hair | July Length Check


My hair is NOT a trend, boo boo…

Maybe you consider your hair trendy or trending, but mine isn’t. I wouldn’t call the fact that a lot of black women have learned how to care for their hair (natural and relaxed) in a healthier way, that promotes hair growth and helps to retain length, a trend. The fact that we are now comfortable with our own versatile afro-textured is a movement and realization that we too can be beautiful as we are with out feeling like we need to have a more “European” look.

Now those Uggs you’re rocking in summer… is a trend. Those bamboo earrings (at least two pair), Fendi bag and a bad attitude, is a trend. Those skinny jeans and highwaisted shorts you strutting in… are a trend. Your bright yellow lipstick with your cherry red hair….trend.

flat twist twist out 012

But MY hair is NOT a trend, boo boo… wErk! *snap* lol.

“Where the F*** is Yo’ Hair?”


Hey ya’ll!! Peep the pic of one of my successful twist outs. I thought doing a twist out would would be easy peasy, but a couple of mine turned into a huge afro. I was sooooo excited to finally get one right! YES.

So it’s Friday, time for some Friday Fun and laughs! I found this video and thought it was HI-LA-RI-OUS! Seriously, I died laughing. This may be some of ya’ll out there… lol.