“Where the F*** is Yo’ Hair?”


Hey ya’ll!! Peep the pic of one of my successful twist outs. I thought doing a twist out would would be easy peasy, but a couple of mine turned into a huge afro. I was sooooo excited to finally get one right! YES.

So it’s Friday, time for some Friday Fun and laughs! I found this video and thought it was HI-LA-RI-OUS! Seriously, I died laughing. This may be some of ya’ll out there… lol.


Peace, From Broken Pieces. How to get Through, what your going Through.

My home-life has been very rough, patchy, off and on lately. My emotional state has been a freaking roller-coaster. In December of 2010 and beyond that, that was my life all of the time. I couldn’t get past it. I could have been depressed, but I felt I was too much of a woman on the come up to even entertain that. I moved to New York in April 2010 to get away from “it all”. I needed a mental vacation. Unfortunately, I still took some of what I was running from to New York. I needed a change, break through or break down. None of that came until December of 2010 when I discovered positive affirmations and a book/documentary called The Secret.


I became obsessed with working on me from the inside out. The affirmations and the documentary gave me a new brain. I noticed changes in my life and my over all happiness. I was happy just because. In March of 2011 I moved back to MD with a new found sense of self and I wanted to share it with EVERYBODY. Of course as time moved on, I got busy with working, working on a healthier life and a new relationship.

I seem to have lost my way a bit. I feel like I’ve left my happiness in the hands of someone else, when its me who should be carrying it. I hate to feel that way. Recently, I came across a book by Iyanla Vanzant called “Peace, From Broken Pieces. How to get Through, what your going Through.”

Iyanla book

This book could not have come at a better time. But, I love Iyanla too. She speaks from a spiritual (not religious), point of view. She carefully teaches you and breaks down your troubles as if she was teaching abc’s to a 3 year old. I look up to her a lot. If common sense had a face, it would be Iyanla. I am quitely transitioning back into the woman I became 3 years ago. I am going to study, be MORE patient than I have already been and hit the reset button on my life. But most importantly, I am going to take my happy back.

2/14 ~ OF COURSE We are gonna speak about it…. Valentine’s Day!

Last year was the first V-Day for the boyfriend and I. He did the romantic thing and I did food from his favorite place, some candles… blah blah thing. This year, my suggestion for V-Day was/is… who cares. Here come the cliches… but I want my V-Day to be whenever, not just on the “designated” day. Love me just as much as any day everyday, get me flowers just because, find the little things I like because it makes you feel good to do so… However, if even with all of that you still decided to do something on that day too… because it signals the Day of Love, that’s cool too. He agreed, so that’s our plan for this year. No disappoints because I didn’t get you anything, or wasn’t romantic enough.


For me, when you’ve truly found love, big and little things come easy on the desire to fulfill you and your  partner. Hell even doing the dishes or cooking for your partner can be good, because those are things you do for the well being of you and her/him. When your V-Day is everyday, or week, or month… the actual V-Day is just a Day.  That’s the kinda love I give and what I expect in return.

Not Always Meant To Be (Relationship Lessons)



Some relationships aren’t always meant to last. Not just spouse relationships, it can be a friendship, working relationship, family or whatever else kind of relationship you can think of. Come on, you’ve heard this before right? The key to these relationships and well, life in general is to take away your experience from it. What did you learn? People who are only in your life for a short period of time, was only meant to be there for that time so you can take your new lesson with you. Some relationships can leave you hurt, frustrated, depressed, happy etc… But you only really benefit if you can improve, grow or learn from what it brought you.

My relationship with my boyfriend may not last, and if we decided to go our seperate ways today, I wouldn’t have any regrets. I can walk away knowing I gave my ABSOLUTE best to what we had. I could lift my head up and thank the universe for the time I had with him and the experiences I’ve gained in order to bring my improved or newfound qualities to my next relationship. I always tell people that the man I end up married to will be one of the happiest men in the world. I still stand by that. I’m always evolving, growing, improving, learning and sharing for the sake for everyone and everything in my life.

Lesson: When a relationship ends make sure you are taking something with you from it. Learn and Apply it to your new friendship, spouse relationship and the rest. Or maybe you can apply it to an old relationship, some people deserve a second chance.

Relationship Bible (Spouse Relationship Lessons)

Do you have something that guides you through your relationship? If not, why? I love, love, love getting relationship advice from ANYONE that is in/has been in one. I also get my advice from personal experiences, Dr. Phil (yes, him), Mom, Grandma, friends, the internet… But I also choose the best advice for what fits for my relationship.

relationship bible

So I’ve try to keep all of the advice that I’ve filtered in a special email called “Relationship Things to Remember”. And every so often, I take a look at them to make sure I am still building on things so that me and my boyfriend can have a long-lasting, always improving, happy relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, we argue, we’re not always going to agree as most couples, or people in general. But the difference is, we know how to handle those arguements, we leave nothing to have to further be worked out, we WORK ON it. We have 10x’s more better great days, than bad ones.

CLICK HERE: Ten Relationship Myths

Lesson: Relationships are work. And if you want to be with someone till death do you part, its worth the work. Share relationship advice that you’ve learned with your partner. See if she/he agrees or disagrees, then you both can reach a common ground for what works for your relationship.

Time for Me, She, Her (Spouse Relationship Lessons)

Before I met my boyfriend, I was single for 7 years. I dated from here to there, but nothing as serious as now. While I did long to have a companion beside me to do things with, and share moments/time with… One thing I did learn to appreciate is how to enjoy time with just ME.

Even though I already spent a lot of time with just me, because I lived alone, I enjoyed it. I would light candles, my fireplace (when I had one) and snuggle on my couch and watch movies that made me laugh or smile. Now that I am in a relationship, I still haven’t lost that part of myself.

Alone time 010

Whenever my boyfriends says “Babe, I’m gonna go hang out, be back in a few hours”, I light up inside. I immediately imagine myself snuggled up on the couch, with candles lite, drinking some spiced chai with cookies, and watching a movie and just enjoying….. me, she, her time. And before I know it, time flies by and he’s home again, I like that part too.


Lesson: You should learn to love and enjoy time with yourself. This way you’re not always relying on your partner to MAKE you happy. Happiness comes from within.

Just let it go… (Spouse Relationship Lessons)

My other half

Yesterday, I came home from a long ass day of work and my internship. As I pulled in the parking lot, I called my boyfriend down to come out and help me take 2 cases of water into our apartment. When he came outside, he barely looked my way. I thought to myself “ok” and I continued on up the stairs, into our apartment. Once he got in, he put the water down, plopped on the couch and continued whatever he was doing before I called him outside.

I went over to give him my usual “I’m home” kiss, and I barely received a peck! WTH?! So I asked, “whats wrong with you?” He doesn’t even look up at me, as he shakes his head an says “nothing”. I stand there, giving him the eyeball, cause I don’t believe him. He looks up at me with a scrunched up face and says “what?!”.

WELP! Thats my que! Ain’t gotta tell me twice. I walked my happy tail to the bedroom, took a shower, climbed in my damn bed, and switched the TV to Dexter. Whatever is going on with him tonight, is just that. I’m good. So I figured he had some kinda secret attitude, which made me catch one, lol. But after about an hour, he turned off everything in the living room, climbed in bed, snuggled up next to me and fell asleep. I still don’t know what was really wrong, and because he no longer seemed to be worried about it, I figured there was nothing else to have a ‘tude about. So I just let it go….

Lesson: Not every battle has to be fought in a spousal relationship. Just let it go.