I got curls for you… you… AND you!

Creators of Maximum Hydration Method:


MHM Success: https://www.youtube.com/user/aketafitgirl/videos

Step by Step Direction and product recommendations:

Step 1: Cherry Lola Treatment
Liquid Aminos
Baking Soda
Greek Yoghurt
Let Sit for an hour

Step 2: Co-wash and detangle

Step 3: Clay Wash
Bentonite Clay
Apple Cider
Honey (my preference)
Tea Tree Oil (my preference)
Let sit for 15 mins

Step 4: Deep condition 20 min

Step 4: Add leave-in and gel


My hair is NOT a trend, boo boo…

Maybe you consider your hair trendy or trending, but mine isn’t. I wouldn’t call the fact that a lot of black women have learned how to care for their hair (natural and relaxed) in a healthier way, that promotes hair growth and helps to retain length, a trend. The fact that we are now comfortable with our own versatile afro-textured is a movement and realization that we too can be beautiful as we are with out feeling like we need to have a more “European” look.

Now those Uggs you’re rocking in summer… is a trend. Those bamboo earrings (at least two pair), Fendi bag and a bad attitude, is a trend. Those skinny jeans and highwaisted shorts you strutting in… are a trend. Your bright yellow lipstick with your cherry red hair….trend.

flat twist twist out 012

But MY hair is NOT a trend, boo boo… wErk! *snap* lol.