Not Always Meant To Be (Relationship Lessons)


Some relationships aren’t always meant to last. Not just spouse relationships, it can be a friendship, working relationship, family or whatever else kind of relationship you can think of. Come on, you’ve heard this before right? The key to these relationships and well, life in general is to take away your experience from it. What did you learn? People who are only in your life for a short period of time, was only meant to be there for that time so you can take your new lesson with you. Some relationships can leave you hurt, frustrated, depressed, happy etc… But you only really benefit if you can improve, grow or learn from what it brought you.

My relationship with my boyfriend may not last, and if we decided to go our seperate ways today, I wouldn’t have any regrets. I can walk away knowing I gave my ABSOLUTE best to what we had. I could lift my head up and thank the universe for the time I had with him and the experiences I’ve gained in order to bring my improved or newfound qualities to my next relationship. I always tell people that the man I end up married to will be one of the happiest men in the world. I still stand by that. I’m always evolving, growing, improving, learning and sharing for the sake for everyone and everything in my life.

Lesson: When a relationship ends make sure you are taking something with you from it. Learn and Apply it to your new friendship, spouse relationship and the rest. Or maybe you can apply it to an old relationship, some people deserve a second chance.


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