Time for Me, She, Her (Spouse Relationship Lessons)

Before I met my boyfriend, I was single for 7 years. I dated from here to there, but nothing as serious as now. While I did long to have a companion beside me to do things with, and share moments/time with… One thing I did learn to appreciate is how to enjoy time with just ME.

Even though I already spent a lot of time with just me, because I lived alone, I enjoyed it. I would light candles, my fireplace (when I had one) and snuggle on my couch and watch movies that made me laugh or smile. Now that I am in a relationship, I still haven’t lost that part of myself.

Alone time 010

Whenever my boyfriends says “Babe, I’m gonna go hang out, be back in a few hours”, I light up inside. I immediately imagine myself snuggled up on the couch, with candles lite, drinking some spiced chai with cookies, and watching a movie and just enjoying….. me, she, her time. And before I know it, time flies by and he’s home again, I like that part too.


Lesson: You should learn to love and enjoy time with yourself. This way you’re not always relying on your partner to MAKE you happy. Happiness comes from within.


5 thoughts on “Time for Me, She, Her (Spouse Relationship Lessons)

  1. Excellent, Excellent post girlie.. I love this and agree with you 110%. Its so important to find time to be in love with yourself. If people learn to do this more than I think more relationships and marriages would last longer. The reason I say that is because we as women tend to lose ourselves and our own identity when we get in relationships or marriage and then years later have to do alot of soul searching because they feel lost. I’m sorry for commenting for so long. Its just that I use to be that chic.

      • LOL you have me cracking up over here. Ok now I dont feel to bad. Certain subject just touch a nerve when you realize how far you’ve come as a woman. I enjoyed that post. keep them coming. I’m looking forward to writing some more looooong comments LOL

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